Rose Drops by Mihajlo M. (Website)
Dark mind and frozen hearth
Wide eyes and able hands
Sharpened wit and silver tongue
What else is yet to come?
I’m glad it all happened.
I’ll find a way.
I will
I have to.

I wonder
I wonder how life would be if things had gone differently back then
I was weak
in fact
I dont think I have ever been so naked, so fragile, so exposed
I was but mind, hearth and soul
all three were fighting the same storm
maybe that’s why I’m not over it
maybe that’s why it still lingers in the corners of my head
where I made sure it was hidden
deep inside
They lost.
I lost.
The storm won.
and I fell
But I saw.


Theresa Manchester by Gene Guynn

Catherine McNeil & Abbey Lee Kershaw by Greg Kadel for Vogue Australia, September 2009

Unrealistic Scenes 1 by ~nathanspotts

City of Angels


Zuhair Murad Haute Couture

Antoine Martin Quantieme Perpetual Tourbillon in 18k rose gold. More of our footage at

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